The services we offer

OhSoSocial does digital marketing. We set strategies for social media growth, we manage your tools for you, we increase your online footprint. You will know exactly what to post, when to do it and which hashtags to use to attract your target group. #Anyonecandoit, we promise!

Grow Social Media

We grow social media accounts for brands and companies. We create engaged audiences on Facebook. We build and run ad campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. Poor English ruins good websites – we translate for you.

And More…

OhSoSocial handles your PR-needs – we build your website, Adwords accounts and create and send your newsletters.

Other specialisations from OhSoSocial

Influencer marketing
SEO Audits
Set up CRM campaigns
Write and edit blogs (Dutch & English)
Event management

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